NG Media is advancing in its production and training capabilities in all areas daily.

We are capable of short-term production projects finished on site and distributed around Australia from our own studios, as well as long-term productions requiring extensive travel and transport of people and equipment across 4WD terrain for long periods of time.

NG Media is equipped with outside broadcast equipment in all areas of production and produces at National Broadcast Standards.

Capabilities in Music

The studio at NG Media provides a space for both local musicians and visitors from surrounding communities to come and practice working with instruments, equipment and each other. We can train people in the use of our equipment to record and edit their own music, or they can simply book a session and we can do it for them.

We are able to put together music for television/film productions and stage festivals and concerts around the Lands. This generally means arranging local bands to perform, setting up stages with lighting, instruments and equipment and ensuring everything runs smoothly during the performance.

Our music department is made up by a team of passionate and dedicated Yarnangu staff who are excited by their work and genuinely love to create and perform songs!

Capabilities in Film & TV

We use the landscape around us in the beautiful Ngaanyatjarra Lands to inspire our work and film the content for our TV and film productions, but the studio is used for indoor shots and the edit suites to produce our work to the highest quality.

We train our Yarnangu staff in the areas of scriptwriting, filming and production; to learn new ways of telling their stories to keep their culture alive.